Here is our recipe for preparing natural shampoo for oily hair at home:

Marseille soap – Essential grapefruit oil – Water


Do you have oily hair?
This recipe is for you …
When used regularly, grapefruit essential oil helps regulate the production of sebum * in the scalp. This prevents excessive oiliness in the hair follicles. Frequently washing the hair to prevent it from getting oily sometimes causes worse results. When you use this recipe, you will not need frequent washing and you will have the hair you want economically and healthily ..
– Wet your hair.
– Drizzle Marseille soap under water and moisten
– and pour 3 drops of grapefruit essential oil on it.
– Apply the soap between your hands and lather.
– Apply this foam to your hair and wash as normal and rinse thoroughly.


Shampoo a maximum of two to three times a week. If you still find your hair too oily, consider making a mask too. For example, clay absorbs sebum produced by the scalp and removes the “greasy” effect on the root.

In this article, we explained how to prepare a natural shampoo for normal and oily hair.


Sebum , secretion caused by sebaceous glands. The sebaceous glands normally secrete a substance called sebum. This secretion has the oil properties we know and its purpose is to protect the skin. Most of the sebaceous glands are located in the hair follicles in the body and the secretion is on the surface of this hair root. When sebum (“oil”) cannot be opened out of the area where this hair root is located, for any reason, it accumulates in this area and acne occurs. Sebum content consists of some fatty acids and skin pH is thus kept at 5.5. This acidic property  skin’s natural acid mantle & nbsp; is called. To protect the natural acid layer of the skin  dermocosmetic  It is necessary to use products and products that are compatible with the pH level of the skin.

Sebum quality and quantity decreases with age. For this reason, the dryness of the skin increases as it ages. Besides, the deterioration of sebum secretion quality with age, seborrheic dermatitis  Like, it prepares the ground for some discomfort. Balanced diet to avoid this situation  omega 3 and conjugated linoleic acid  like  essential fatty acids & nbsp; It is important to eat rich in terms of nutrition.



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